Just another day (week) in my village

Just another day (week) in my village

1. A meets B to seek approval for his scheme to save his seven-month old, fragile enterprise.

2. B, after seeking consultation from his non-blood siblings, rejects the scheme. He tells A to continue his good work with the enterprise.

3. C, D, E, F, G, H, some crooks, convicts and pensioners — all A’s internal and external rivals — mock A for being snubbed so royally. They ask him to step down.

4. They all claim they have better schemes (and more shareholders) for either a new enterprise or a revamped enterprise.

5. A, sulking after the snub, writes to thank B for his “opinion”. A new narrative appears that the guidebook for the enterprise does not allow B to reject the scheme.

6. A huddles with his loyalists, supporters and allies to plot on saving the enterprise.

7. At the same time his rivals, including the crooks, convicts ad pensioners, are also ramping up their own schemes to takeover.

8. B has returned to his family village to keep away from the heat.

9. The question now is this: Will it be the same enterprise, a revamped one or a new one?

10. The biggest stakeholders meanwhile have been warned to practice #socialdistancing and adhere to the #SOPs to stay safe from #Covid-19.




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